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Fitting Services - Irons, Wedges & Putter



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What is a Club Fitting and How will it Affect Your Game?

Golf Professionals receive Iron fittings annually at their Club Sponsors Fitting Center.  The Pro’s are educated about their Sponsors Newest line of Clubs.  They work with a club fitter to test the feel, workability and flight trajectory to spec the best clubs for their game. Many of the shafts they test are available to the Pro’s but not offered to the general public.  As part of this fitting they use a Launch Monitor to dial in the best combination. 

The Fittings offered by Brians Golf Works are very similar to the ones the Pro’s receive.  Like the Pro’s you are there to test the feel, workability and flight trajectory of each club to find the best fit for your game. Our fittings are different because we are not limited to any single manufacturer’s clubheads.  BGW’s Iron Fittings include over 20 clubhead designs and a large selection of shafts.  Like the Pro’s fitting sessions we also use a Flightscope Launch Monitor to find the best combination of clubheads and shafts that fit you.



What Will I Learn From A Custom Fitting?


Iron Fitting
Our Iron Fitting Sessions
are used to evaluate which Clubheads and Shaft Designs are optimal for your swing. 
At BGW we are not “married” to any specific brand of clubheads or shafts.  We offer head designs including Blade, Game Improvement, Super Game Improvement and Wedges in both Right and Left handed models. Our test shafts include models from all of the best brands in golf in X-Stiff, Stiff, Regular and Ladies flexes.

We start the Iron Fitting Session with you hitting your current clubs and document their flight and distance.  Next we select a comparable head design and test different shafts to find the best design for distance, flight and accuracy for your swing. 
Finally we test different clubheads with the best fitting shafts to determine what shaft and head combination is optimal for your game. Using your Fitting Sessions information we can custom design Irons that optimally fit your game.

Wedge Fitting – Your Scoring Clubs
You use Wedges on almost every hole. When you design a set of Wedges you need to decide if you want to use 3 or 4 clubs.  Brians Golf Works has a full set of 45, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degree wedges for Fitting Sessions.  Using our Flightscope Mevo+ Launch Monitor we can help you dial in your distances and design a set of 3 or 4 Wedges that will improve your game.
You wear out Wedges faster than any other club in your bag.  The grooves on the Wedges become smooth and heads are damaged due to normal play. When the grooves become worn you are no longer able to generate spin and the shots roll out as opposed to spinning and stopping.

Putter Fitting
We start with a Putter Fitting Club to measure your Putter Length, Loft and Lie.  We use the SkyPro and Blast Swing Analyzers for technical readings of your putting stroke.  The readings from the Fitting Putter plus Swing Analyzers data are used to design a Custom Putter or fit your current Putter.  We offer both Right and Left handed Putters in both Anser and Mallet Style clubheads.  Putter Shafts from KBS, True Temper and Nippon N.S.Pro and a Large Assortment of Grips are used to Custom Fit any Putter.



Think of your Golf Clubs as Four Sets - Woods, Irons, Wedges and Putter


Woods are your Long Game clubs.  Driver, Woods and Hybrids need to have the correct head design and Most Importantly the correct shafts for to maximize distance and flight.

Irons need to be the correct head design for your game (Super Game Improvement, Game Improvement or Blades).  Iron shafts need to fit your swing speed, weight requirements and provide the ball flight that you want. 

Wedges - The Scoring Clubs.  Having the correct set of Wedges can save a lot of strokes.  A Wedge set with the correct configuration of Length, Loft, Swing Weight and Shaft design is a must! 
You wear out Wedges faster than any other club in your bag.  The grooves become smooth and heads become damaged due to use. When the grooves become worn you are no longer able to generate spin and the shots roll out as opposed to spinning and stopping.

Putter - Many golfers are using Putters that are the wrong Design, Length or Lie.  Improper Length and\or Lie make it harder to strike and line up putts correctly. 



Book A Fitting Session Today To Put Our Technology To Work For You !!



Swing Analysis Technology


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We feature the Flightscope Mevo+ Pro Launch Monitor, Video and Swing Analysis Tools to evaluate ALL of the aspects of your swing.
Our Launch Monitor measures your Swing Speed, Smash Factor, Ball Speed, Spin Rate, Shot Shape, Launch Angles, Distance and Shot Grouping.
We use the V1 Video Analysis program to capture and analyze your swing.

Our SkyPro and Blast Putting Analyzers are used to measure Swing Path, Speed and Angle Of Attack.
We use the GolfMechanix Fitting Putter to accurately measure Length, Loft and Lie.


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