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Custom Irons


Custom Clubs




What is the Difference Between Off-the-Rack and Custom Irons?



When you purchase a suit - you have it altered to fit properly.
When you get into your car you adjust the seat, the mirrors and the steering wheel to fit you.
Off-the-Rack Irons are designed as a compromise to fit “everyone”.  They are mass produced for a “generic” golfer with a height between 5’7” and 6’1”.  This generic design offers Club Length, Lie Angles, Shaft Designs and Weighting that are incorrect for most golfers.
Every Golfer is different - we are not generic.  We are all different Heights, Weights, Strengths and have Different Swings.
A Custom Set of Irons fits only One Golfer as everything about the set is matched to their specifications and game.



Want to Lower Your Score - You Need Custom Irons



The process of designing Custom Irons start with a Club Fitting and Swing Evaluation which includes hitting Test Clubs with different Iron Heads and Shafts to determine the Optimal combination of shaft and clubhead.  After the Fitting we blueprint the build setup that personalizes the clubs.  Next, we build the 8 Iron to your specifications.  You take the 8 iron to the course to confirm that it meets your expectations.  When the club meets your expectations we build the rest of the set. Finally we fine tune the Loft & Lie of the completed club set. 
During the blueprinting process the Flex, Length, Weight, Loft and Lie is calculated to Maximize your Ball Strike and give you the Optimal Flight Trajectory.
No Component is limited to any manufacturer - each component is individually selected to fit Your Specifications.
Our Clubheads are supplied from Custom Club Manufacturers who produce components in small Very High Quality batches.
Golf Shafts come from the Best Known Manufacturers in Golf (KBS, True Temper, ProjectX, UST Mamiya, Nippon ect.).
You get NONE of this personalization with Off-the-Rack Irons.
Custom Irons will make you More Accurate, Longer, Straighter and most importantly, Lower Your Score.



What Do Custom Irons Cost?



Custom Irons cost no more than Off-the-Rack clubs.
The difference with Custom Irons is that You choose what components are used when designing the set.  You select Cast or Forged Heads and add the shafts that provide the flight profile and shaft weight that fits your game.  These choices provide the best combination of components that custom fit your game and budget.



Driving / Utility Irons


Wishon 590DIH     Dynacraft Driving Iron     Maltby TS-1 3 Iron





Driving / Utility Irons have grown in popularity in the last few years.  They are long irons used where driving accuracy is required off the tee.  BGW offers “Traditional” style Iron clubheads from Wishon, Dynacraft and Maltby in 18* to 24* (2-4 Iron) designs that can be matched with Hybrid or Steel shafts.





Custom Wedges




Wedge Collage



Wedges - The Scoring Clubs



The makeup of your wedge set can be 3-4 clubs ranging from 44* to 60*.  You can also select the type of ball flight (high, medium or low) and spin to build your matched set.  Based on your selections we match the Length and Swing Weight to your Iron set.  We offer a complete line of club heads and shafts to build Wedges that will improve your game.




Custom Drivers, Woods & Hybrids



Wood Collage



Custom Drivers, Woods & Hybrids



At BGW we can Design, Build and Fit Custom Drivers, Woods & Hybrids for your game.  We offer a large selection of Drivers, Woods & Hybrids ranging from the most Technologically Advanced to Traditional designs.  Each club is designed specifically for the ball flight, distance and control you are looking for.




Custom Putters

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LAB Directed Force 2.1     LAB Golf Directed Force 2.1 Head Colors



Why Lie Angle Matters

The hallmark of great putting is returning the putter face to square at impact, or perpendicular to the target line.
Thats not our opinion; it’s science.
The latest research shows that 83% of putts starting direction is influenced by the direction of the putter face at impact.
The other 17% is influenced by the path of the putter head.

Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology makes it effortless for golfers to deliver a square putter face at impact because, unlike other putters, it’s balanced design keeps the putter face square to the arc throughout the stroke.

If you’ve ever tried to “forward press” your putter shaft you know that you need to position your hands ahead of the ball for it to work - either at address or at moment of impact.
It’s not an easy technique to learn or execute, but almost all the best golfers in the world do it because it helps them get their putts rolling faster and more true.  
In order to solve that problem L.A.B. Putters built in a 3* Forward Press into the Putter Grips.
Think of forward pressing like hitting up with your driver. With a forward shaft lean, it’s easier to create an upward putter swing at impact that encourages a faster forward ball roll (i.e. reduced skidding, backspin, etc.).

L.A.B offers both Oval - Press OG 3.0 and Flat Top - Press No.2 (SuperStroke style) grips. With a L.A.B. Golf putter, golfers will quickly see that they’re better putters than they think.

 L.A.B. Putters are available for Right & Left Handed Golfers




Golf Clubs for Teens


Teen Golfer - Female     Teen Golfer - Male


When your Teen Golfer grows to about 4’10” there are no Off-the-Rack golf clubs available to fit their game.  “Kids” clubs are inexpensively manufactured with fiberglass shafts that have a Flex that is too weak and include inferior quality Zinc clubheads.  Adult clubs are built with shafts that have a Flex that is too strong and swingweight that is too heavy for a teenager.  We developed our Teen Club Set with the help of a number of PGA Teaching Professionals specializing in Teenage golfers.  These clubs are specifically designed to help teenage golfers improve their game by having proper golf equipment that is matched to their physical capabilities.  Our Teen Clubs are designed to be the correct length, swingweight and most importantly include clubheads that make it easy for them to get the ball in the air.



Why Would You Play Golf Clubs That Were Designed For A Generic Golfer When You Can Have
Custom Golf Clubs Individually Fitted For Your Measurements and Swing?


Brians Golf Works will Design and Build
The BEST Clubs for YOUR Game!!



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