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Custom Putters



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Why Lie Angle Matters

The hallmark of great putting is returning the putter face to square at impact, or perpendicular to the target line.
Thats not our opinion; it’s science.
The latest research shows that 83% of putts starting direction is influenced by the direction of the putter face at impact.
The other 17% is influenced by the path of the putter head.

Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology makes it effortless for golfers to deliver a square putter face at impact because, unlike other putters, it’s balanced design keeps the putter face square to the arc throughout the stroke.

It makes putting as easy as picking the right line, the right speed, and making your natural stroke.
With no adjustments to make during the stroke, golfers can be confident that their putts will roll exactly where they’re aiming.

If you’ve ever tried to “forward press” your putter shaft you know that you need to position your hands ahead of the ball for it to work - either at address or at moment of impact. It’s not an easy technique to learn or execute, but almost all the best golfers in the world do it because it helps them get their putts rolling faster and more true.   In order to solve that problem L.A.B. Putters built in a 3* Forward Press into the Putter Grips.

Think of forward pressing like hitting up with your driver. With a forward shaft lean, it’s easier to create an upward putter swing at impact that encourages a faster forward ball roll (i.e. reduced skidding, backspin, etc.).

L.A.B offers two Putter Grips -  Press OG 3.0 (Oval) and Press No.2 (SuperStroke style).

With a L.A.B. Golf putter, golfers will quickly see that they’re better putters than they think.

Every L.A.B. Putter is Custom Built for each customer.  Color, Length, Lie, Markings and Grip are individually selected.




LAB Putter Grips1


Grips - Press OG 3 - Press #2

Both Grips include a 3* Forward Press to increase Roll off the Face






KBS CT Tour Putter Shaft - Standard






BGT Stability Putter Shaft - Upgrade






Ball Position - Shaft is Setup at the Center of your Body




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Stability is Key for Putters

It’s generally understood that High MOI putters are more stable through impact and are forgiving on off-center hits. This is true, however, it is not the extent of the benefit. Lab Testing confirms dramatic improvement in both forgiveness AND stroke quality resulting in tighter dispersion patterns for players of all calibers, from Tour Players to high handicappers.

CURE Blade Style putters outperform other companies High MOI designs. Both the CX and RX Series offer over 200+ grams of weight range.
The RX Series also offers a patented adjustable lie angle mechanism. This adjustable putter design allows us to fit a player to their true optimum weight as well as the perfect lie angle.
The CX Series offers both Heel and Center Shafted options.






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