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About Our Manufacturers



Brians Golf Works is an Authorized Dealer for the Highest Quality Custom Club and Golf Shaft Manufacturers in golf today.  Each of these companies designs are on the leading edge of technology and manufacturing techniques.  Unlike Off-the-Shelf golf clubs these clubheads are manufactured in Small, Very High Quality runs using the best materials and designs available.



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With more than 35 years of experience in the field, Tom Wishon Golf Technology is recognized as one of the industry leaders in the research of golf club design, performance and clubfitting technology.  Our R&D has been at the forefront of the golf industry including the development of more than 50 golf club design technology firsts as well as countless discoveries in the science of golf club performance for golfers.
Since 1972 Tom Wishon has designed over 300 original and innovative clubhead models, more than any other single person in the 500 year history of the game.  His clubhead designs represent more than 50 different technology firsts. 
Tom Wishon is the only designer from the custom clubmaking side of the golf industry whose clubhead designs have been used to win on the PGA Tour, the Champions Senior Tour and in Ryder Cup competition. “I completely respect the product design work of the large golf equipment companies.  But my three decades in golf club R&D has proven that the best set of golf clubs any golfer will ever play will be a set of professionally custom fit golf clubs, and not a set of standard made clubs simply bought off the shelf.  I am committed to educating golfers about the tangible, game improvement benefits of being professionally custom fit because I know this is the only way any golfer can hope to play to the best of their ability.”



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Eagle Rebirth Golf is a new addition to Brians Golf Works.  ERG offers a Full Line of Forged Irons for every golfer.

ERG X1 Series Irons are a true player’s cavity backed iron designed to get the most out of every approach, pitch and chip.  ERG X1-1025 Forged Irons advance the fusion of technology, performance, and design creating a high-quality iron. The ERG Weight and Balance design system enables fast ball speeds across the clubface for longer distance on even on off-center shots. The X1 Series has the premium look, feel and sound of a high-quality superior iron.

ERG X2 Series irons offer traditional weighting using cutting-edge technology with a thin 455 maraging face, tungsten insert and 1025 forged body to create an iron unmatched in the market today. If you are serious about higher ball speeds, greater distance and additional control the X2 series irons will deliver.

ERG X3 Series offer a 1025 Forged Iron design. If you demand ultimate playability in a Blade design with consistent distance and forgiveness, these are the irons for you.  These forged irons are well balanced and cut through the turf with a surgical precision allowing the golfer to hit consistent shots while also delivering impressive distance and forgiveness.



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We believe in true performance-based club designs.  What this means is innovation and engineering for the sole purpose of enhancing your performance on the course.  No fancy bells and whistles to distract from the goal.  In the case of golf club design, simple truly is better. 
With Alpha golf clubs, you'll find a handful of performance-based collections.  Each one built to enhance and optimize your distance, playability, accuracy and feel. 
In addition to playing the most effective equipment for your performance goals, we believe it's paramount to work closely with your Alpha professional club fitter who can not only match your profile with the right clubs, but also perfectly tune your equipment according to your biophysical abilities and parameters.  The results of a professional fitting session will take your game to the next level.  To get the most out of your Alpha clubs, make sure to contact one of our acclaimed professional fitters today.



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Swing Science also offers a complete line of Irons, Wedges, Drivers, Woods, Hybrids and Putters designed by industry veteran Jeff Sheets that allows clubmakers to Custom Fit golfers of all player profiles. 
Swing Science introduced its a line of composite golf shafts in 2005 and have become the golf industry's number one selling line of graphite shafts.  The Swing Science line of golf shafts include Rifle, standard and lightweight steel designs, graphite and composite designs.



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The hallmark of great putting is returning the putter face to square at impact, or perpendicular to the target line. Thats not our opinion; its science. The latest research shows that 83% of a putts starting direction is influenced by the direction of the putter face at impact. The other 17% is influenced by the path of the putter head.

Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology makes it effortless for golfers to deliver a square putter face at impact because, unlike other putters, it keeps the putter face square to the arc throughout the stroke. It makes putting as easy as picking the right line, the right speed, and making your natural stroke.

With no adjustments to make during the stroke, golfers can be confident that their putts will roll exactly where they're aiming.
With a L.A.B. Golf putter, golfers will quickly see that they're better putters than they think.
All L.A.B. Putters are custom made to each golfers specifications.



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Putting Revolutionized with a Patented Heel Counterweight Technology.

Perfect balance - Putter remains square at address and travels perpendicular to your swing path
A Torque-free putter will not twist open at address or windshield wipe open throughout your swing nor will it twist upon hitting the ball.
Patented technology - for the very first time, our patented heel counterweight places the center of gravity in the center of the striking face and in line with the axis of the shaft.
AXIS1’s evolution of perimeter weighting and alignment features produces revolutionary Perfect Balance / Torque Free Technology.

AXIS1 owns the patents for placing the center of gravity of a putter exactly on the center of the striking face and in line with the axis of the shaft. AXIS1 created the first Perfectly Balanced / Torque Free Putters. Putting revolutionized with a patented heel counterweight technology.



-- Golf Shafts Available from All Major Manufacturers --



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