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Winter Golf Club Maintenance


What Should You Do Before Packing Up Your Clubs?

 First - Clean Your Clubs
 Use a BRASS Brush to thoroughly clean your Iron, Wedge & Putter heads
Use a NYLON brush to clean you Woods.
Use warm water and liquid dish washing solution to clean the shafts and grips
Clean the grips tilting the shafts down so you don’t get any water into the shaft
Towel dry the clubs and allow to dry before packing them up.

Second - Pro Shop Maintenance
You should annually change your grips - What time is better than now?
BGW stocks all styles of Grips for your Irons, Woods and Putters.
Need to replace or upgrade a shaft - we have over 200 in stock.

Forged Irons & Wedges Require Special Care
Due to their “soft” construction Forged Irons and Wedges bend due to use.
Their Loft & Lie settings need to be checked and reset as they WILL change due to use.
The Grooves on Forged Irons flatten with use and you lose spin.  We can Re-Cut your grooves to restore them.
Putter Setup & Maintenance
Putter Grips wear like all grips.  Now is a good time to upgrade to another style or just replace the grip you already like.
You can also take the opportunity to Custom Fit your putter. The Loft, Lie and Length settings can be adjusted to correctly fit your stroke.

Traveling to a Golf Destination?
offers SKB Travel Case Rentals for Staff and Walking Bags to make sure that your clubs arrive safely.
Airlines do NOT insure g\Golf Clubs unless they are shipped in a hard side case.

Full Service Repairs and Maintenance for your Clubs.
Club and Putter Regripping, Shaft Replacements and Upgrades, Loft and Lie Adjustments, Shaft Length Adjustments,
Repair Loose Clubheads, Recut Iron Grooves and all other Golf Club Related Services.

All Sales, Fitting, Repairs and Custom Club Services are provided by a Certified Technician

Our Goal is to provide You with the BEST Service and Clubs for your Game.


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